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imi rashid was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and has been a Chicago resident for twenty years. she graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and immediately jumped into the corporate world where she continued to work as an accountant for twelve years.

as she spent more and more time working for large corporations, imi realized that despite the glamour of a corporate job along with its many benefits, there was something very crucial that was missing in her day to day work; the basic mental satisfaction of knowing that her hard work was serving a greater social cause. after years of working through the corporate experience, imi decided it was time to leave in august, 2007. she resigned from her job and took a sabbatical before launching her own accounting business in january, 2008.

in her spare time, imi is a writer, swimmer and billiards enthusiast who dabbles in guitar playing. in september, 2008, imi was honored as a "champion for change" by women employed during their 35th anniversary celebration.

imi rashid is a registered certified public accountant with the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation